Budget Consultation 2018-19

The Council's budget, together with our transformation programme, supports the delivery of our long-term ambitions for the district and the four priorities in our Corporate Plan.

We have prepared a draft budget for 2018-19, and updated our Medium Term Financial Plan and Capital Strategy, and are now going out to consultation to get feedback from residents, businesses and organisations in the district; your comments will help us shape the draft financial documents before they are taken to the 28th February 2018 Full Council meeting for final approval and adoption.

Like many councils, South Holland has been affected by public sector funding cuts, all-time-low returns on cash deposits and changes to the way councils are funded.

Despite these challenges, our commercial approach to income generation and controlling and reducing costs means we are confident that we can provide a balanced budget for 2018-19 and into the medium term. Our plans for digitalisation, commercialisation, restructuring services and partner working will all play a part in this. Our commitment to growth, which will provide new homes, businesses and employment opportunities, will also contribute to long-term financial stability through increased business rates.This robust long-term financial planning will ensure that frontline services to residents are protected.

In line with last year's budget, we are proposing a £4.99 rise in Council Tax for 2018/19.

By delivering the objectives set out in our Draft Budget, we expect to maintain a balanced budget with no dependency on our reserves - and from 2020-21, with no reliance on government Revenue Support Grant (RSG) funding. This will make us a stable organisation, able to continue delivering services to residents with certainty in the longer term.

Draft Budget documents

The budget documents (which cover the Draft Budget, Medium Term Financial Plan and Capital Strategy) set out the Council's sources of income such as the Revenue Support Grant from central government, New Homes Bonus payments, fees and charges and the proportion of retained income from the business rates and Council Tax collected. They also outline the Council's projected expenditure for the next four years.

The Draft Medium Term Financial Plan sets out projections for our income and resource requirements over the next four years. It is a rolling document, reviewed annually to take account of directives from central government such as changes to our grant settlement, or new service requirements.

You can view the Draft Budget, Medium Term Financial Plan and Capital Strategy documents at the foot of this page:

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All comments received will be taken into account when the Draft Budget goes to the 28th February 2018 Full Council meeting for approval and adoption.

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