County council to investigate options for central section of Spalding relief road

Posted on 16 April 2019

Lincolnshire County Council will be looking at a fresh set of options following ongoing discussions with residents over the central section of the Spalding Western Relief Road.

The decision also follows from the results of last month's survey, which found the following:

  • 39% (234) preferred a western alignment
  • 37% (227) preferred an alternative option
  • 24% (146) preferred an eastern alignment

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Cllr Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: "We have listened to the views of residents and are now moving ahead with a further study that will look at a number of options for the road's central section. This will include the previous allotments route and a route further to the west.

"Once the study is complete, we'll use the information in it, along with the feedback we've received over recent months, to make an informed and fair decision about where the new road will go.

"We will keep residents informed of the study's progress and expect the process to take about four months to complete.

"This means a decision on the most appropriate option will be made this summer."

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