Council Community Wardens making a difference in South Holland

Posted on 18 June 2019

Community Warden jacketSouth Holland District Council's community wardens are reaching the end of their first year patrolling the district, during which they have interacted with thousands of local groups and residents and handed out warnings and fines to hundreds of individuals for anti-social behaviour and breaking public spaces protection orders.

The wardens, who have covered towns and villages across the whole of South Holland where residents have reported issues, have met with 4,461 members of the community whilst patrolling, including residents on the street, parish councils, local libraries and an array of community hubs and groups.

They have also taken enforcement action against those committing public space offences, including the dropping of cigarette butts and other litter, failing to stop drinking alcohol when requested and spitting on the ground.

From July 2018 until the end of May 2019 they gave 417 verbal warnings and issued 130 fixed penalty notices. Details of anyone given warnings or fines are also recorded and fed back to the community safety and enforcement team, to allow re-offending to be monitored.

A crucial part of the role is also about education. The wardens have met with numerous groups to introduce themselves and give an explanation of their duties, before listening to concerns and issues from the groups. A key part of their work is also about helping to ensure that routes for seeking assistance and reporting problems are clearly open to everyone who needs them, along with the signposting vulnerable members of the community to targeted support.

Cllr Gary Taylor, South Holland District Council portfolio holder for communities and facilities, said: "It has been great to see the impact the community wardens have made in South Holland during their first year of patrols, and the positive difference they have made to communities across the district.

"The work they have done alongside residents, community groups and partner organisations have provided a reassuring presence and helped to build trust and lasting relationships through greater understanding and communication with the public.

"They have also played an important role in tackling some of the anti-social behaviour issues in the district, primarily around littering and the negative effect it has on our surroundings. We want to create a safe and strong community where all our residents feel they are being listened to, and the community wardens have quickly become an integral part of this ambition."

Reports from residents are vital for deciding the location and focus of patrols for the community warden, and helping them specifically tackle any anti-social behaviour or community safety concerns. To make a report, please visit or call 01775 761161.

South Holland District Council are currently recruiting for a new community warden to join the community safety and enforcement team. Visit for more details.

Comm Warden Map