Discarded batteries can risk lives residents told

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Posted on 8 October 2019

Residents could be risking their lives over household batteries which aren't being disposed of properly.

Household batteries that are being discarded in rubbish and recycling bags have been blamed for a number of incidents at transfer stations in Deeping and Boston - and now South Holland District Council is warning residents that the risk of fires are just as likely to happen in homes if batteries aren't disposed of properly.

Last month, a bag of rubbish collected from South Holland started to smoke and catch fire at a transfer station in Deeping after batteries were found among non-recyclable material. 

In Lincolnshire, discarded batteries found in recycling bags has meant transfer stations have had to be closed following a number of fires.

Councillor Roger Gambba-Jones, Portfolio Holder for Place at South Holland District Council, wants to remind residents of the dangers of discarded batteries and to dispose of them properly.

"These incidents highlight that a fire is just as likely to start in someone's home as a result of discarded batteries.

"Please, please heed the warning - dispose of batteries safely. No-one wants to wake up to the news of a loss of life or a house fire as a result of batteries being thrown away in rubbish or recycling bags."

Sellers of batteries in large amounts - which include most supermarkets - are required, by law, to provide battery collection points for safe recycling. Batteries can also be disposed safely at the household waste recycling centre on West Marsh Road in Spalding.

For more information and to search, by using your postcode, for local recycling facilities please go to: Local Recycling Search.

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