Updated 29 July 2020

Open public conveniences (toilets)

As part of considerations to provide as safe a COVID-19 environment as possible, four public toilets have been re-opened that are subject to an enhanced cleansing regime and new opening times.

The opening times introduced are the maximum possible, across the busiest days of the week, that could be achieved with the resources available to provide an hourly deep cleanse and sanitization. 

  • Spalding Vine Street and Winfrey Avenue toilets are open Tuesday to Saturday, 8am until 4pm
  • Holbeach and Long Sutton disabled toilets are open Monday to Friday, 8am until 2pm.

As is the case with many COVID-19 related decisions, these toilet opening times will be reviewed as appropriate as part of returning to 'business as usual'. 

Closed public conveniences (toilets)


  • Sheepmarket
  • Ayscoughfee Gardens


  • Park Lane


  • West Street

Sutton Bridge: 

  • Bridge Road

Toilet locations

There are disabled facilities at each of these conveniences for which a Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR) key is required to gain access. All disabled toilets are open 24 hours with the exception of those at Ayscoughfee Gardens and Sheepmarket in Spalding which have limited opening hours. All toilets are cleaned regularly by a mobile attendant. If you find one of the toilets needs cleaning, please contact us  and we'll arrange for the cleaner to attend.

Please note the change of opening times detailed at the top of this page, in light of COVID-19.