Environmental Permitting (Industrial Air Pollution Control)

Permitted or Prescribed activities are those carried out at commercial or industrial installations that have a potential to cause polluting emissions. The Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 requires that processes identified in this Act, or by the Regulations made under this Act, must have a permit to operate.

For more information please contact the DEFRA website.

This system of regulation is a 3 tiered regime:

IPPC - Integrated pollution prevention control covers Part A1 installations which are regulated by the Environment Agency.

LA-IPPC - Local Authority integrated pollution prevention control covers Part A2 installations which are regulated by local authorities.

LAPPC - Local Authority Pollution Prevention and control which covers smaller activities known as Part B installations.

Operators of installations which come under the Permitting regime must obtain a permit to operate. Local Authorities are required to issue permits for Part A2 and Part B activities. The Activities which require a permit can be found in Part 2 of Schedule 1 of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.

Applying for a permit


The regulations say what information must be in the application.

We will consider the application to decide whether or not to approve it. The authority may consult relevant members of the public and other organisations.

If we decide to issue a permit, it will include conditions. These conditions will say how pollution is to be minimised. The government has published guidance for each type of installation. This says what are likely to be the right pollution standards. Under the law, the standards must strike a balance between protecting the environment and the cost of doing so. The authority must, by law, have regard to that guidance. The authority must also consider local circumstances.

If we decide to refuse a permit, you can appeal to the government. You can also appeal if you have received a permit but do not agree with any of the conditions.

Once a permit is issued, the operator must comply with the permit conditions and pay an annual charge. This covers local authority costs of checking the permit is complied with.

When applying for a permit an application fee must be paid. For information on fees and charges see the DEFRA website.

General guidance manual: application forms, specimen notices and consultation letter

Public Register

Public Registers are held by the Environmental Protection team and can be viewed during office hours by contacting us using the details below. It would be preferable to book an appointment so we can ensure the documents you wish to see are available.

Environmental Protection Team:

Telephone: 01775 761161

Email: pollution@sholland.gov.uk

Current Permits

  • Whaplode Service Station, High Road, Whaplode - Petrol Vapour Recovery
  • Lincoln Co-op Society Ltd, High Road, Whaplode - Petrol Vapour Recovery
  • Lincoln Co-op Society Ltd, Springfields Roundabout, Spalding - Petrol Vapour Recovery
  • Malthurst Limited, Little London - Petrol Vapour Recovery
  • Malthurst Limited, Wisbech Road, Long Sutton - Petrol Vapour Recovery
  • Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd, Holland Market, Spalding - Petrol Vapour Recovery
  • Morrisons Supermarkets, Wardentree Lane, Pinchbeck - Petrol Vapour Recovery
  • Applegreen Fuel Station, Spalding - Petrol Vapour Recovery
  • Select Timber, Mill Lane, Donington - Timber Process
  • Shire Garden Buildings, Tydd Bank, Sutton Bridge- Timber Process
  • South Lincs Patterns, Spalding Common - Foundry
  • Breedon Aggregates England Ltd, Station Street, Gedney - Cement Process
  • C Warrick & Son Ltd, Seagate Road, Long Sutton - Cement Process
  • Hope Cement Ltd, Cradge Bank, Spalding - Cement Process
  • MJL Skipmaster Ltd, Pode Hole, Spalding - Coating Process
  • Coles Dry Cleaners, High Street, Holbeach - Dry Cleaners
  • Geoff Neal & Son Dry Cleaners, Bridge Street, Spalding - Dry Cleaners
  • A S Whittaker & Sons, Stephenson Avenue, Pinchbeck - Vehicle Refinishers
  • Crowland Cranes, Crease Drove, Crowland - Vehicle Refinishers
  • Fowlers Refinishers Ltd , Coronation Avenue, Throckenholt - Vehicle Refinishers
  • TC Harrison Ford, Elsoms Way, Pinchbeck, Spalding - Vehicle Refinishers
  • Lambs Flowers Ltd, Herdgate Lane, Pinchbeck - Biomass Boiler
  • Opperman Plants Ltd, Mallard Road, Low Fulney, Spalding - Biomass Boiler
  • Neame Lea, Neame Lea Nursey, Horseshoe Road, Spalding - Biomas  Boiler
  • South Lincolnsire Co-operative, Gosberton Road, Surfleet - Crematorium
  • Coveris Flexibles UK Ltd, Enterprise Way - Printing Process

T7 Exemption

  • CER Groundworks, Bank House, Broad Street