Benefit Cap

The Benefit Cap was introduced from 15 July 2013. It applies to the combined income from the main out of work benefits, plus Housing Benefit, Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits

The cap will be:


  • £384.62 per week for couples and lone parents;
  • £257.69 per week for single adults.

Claimants will not be capped where someone in the household (claimant, partner or any children they are responsible for when working out their Housing Benefit):

  • obtains work and becomes entitled to Working Tax Credit;
  • receives one of the benefits that exempts recipients from the cap.

Claimants could also:

  • move to cheaper accommodation or negotiate a rent reduction to one which is more affordable.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find out more information about the benefit cap?

    The Department for Work & Pensions should have already contacted you if you are affected by the cap. However, more information regarding this can be found on the Benefit Cap page on


  • I don't agree with the income used to calculate the cap. Who should I contact?

    If you believe that the income used is incorrect, you should contact the Department for Work & Pensions directly. Their contact details can be found on any correspondence you have received from them.  If you think that the cap has been applied incorrectly to your Housing Benefit, please contact the Housing Benefit Helpline on 01507 329199.


  • I need help finding cheaper accommodation, or negotiating a cheaper rent with my landlord.

    The Housing Department at your local council should be able to give you help and advice on this.


  • I need help with finding employment.

    You should contact your local Jobcentre Plus office directly, or visit


  • Where can I get help with money and finance management?

    The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their money problems by providing a free, independent and confidential service. Please visit the Citizens Advice Bureau website.