Housing Repairs

South Holland District Council provides a repairs service to all of our tenants. Repairs are carried out by the Council's Construction Services Unit or contractors employed by the Council.

Taking care of your home is a shared responsibility between you and your landlord, South Holland District Council. When you become aware of a fault that requires a repair, you should report the repair request to South Holland District Council, on telephone number: 01775 761161. 

You will be asked to confirm the following information by the telephone operator;

•    Your full address and postcode
•    A contact telephone number 
•    Information about the fault you are reporting 

The telephone operator will determine the repair priority and arrange a convenient appointment date and time with you for the trades person to call at your home to complete the work.

If you have already reported a repair, but are concerned that it has become worse and needs to be repaired before the appointed date, please call the Customer Contact team on telephone number: 01775 761161.

The repair response priorities and response times;

Repair priority    Category    Target attendance time 
1Emergency repair reported outside of office hours    Within 8 hours
2Emergency repair  reported in office hours  Within 8 hours
3Urgent repairs     5 working days
4Routine repairs     28 working days

Out of Hours Emergency Repairs 
The out of hour's service is only provided for emergency repairs required outside of normal operating times. 
If you need to report a fault that is an emergency outside of office hours you can report the repair by calling Tel: 01522 782235.  The normal daily operating hours of the repairs service is Monday to Thursday, 8.00am to 4.00pm and Friday 8.00am to 3.30pm. 

What is an Emergency Repair?
A repair which if left until the next day, would put the health, safety or security of a tenant or third party at immediate risk, or cause severe damage to the property.

Examples of an emergency repair;
•    Blocked flue to an open fire or boiler
•    A blocked toilet that will not flush and it is the only toilet in the property.
•    Blocked foul drain, soil pipe or toilet and it is the only toilet in the property.
•    Total loss of heating or hot water during the period 31 October -31 March
•    A serious water leak 
•    Unsafe electrical fittings 
•    An insecure external entrance door, a window on the ground floor or an easily accessible first floor window
•    A serious roof leak

Please note:  South Holland District Council would urge all tenants to ensure that any emergency repairs they report are genuine emergencies that require an urgent response. If the trades person who attends considers that the repair does not require an emergency response, you may be recharged the cost of attendance at your home.  

Rechargeable Repairs
You can be recharged for repair works for the following reasons; 
•    The repair is required as a result of damage caused wilfully or through an accident or neglect by a tenant or a member of their family or an invited visitor to their home.
•    The repair was reported as an emergency to the out of hour's repairs service and up on attendance it was deemed to be a non-emergency repair.
•    The repair was reported as an emergency during office hours, but upon attendance it was deemed to be a non-emergency repair. 
•    The repair reported upon attendance was deemed to be an item that was the tenant's responsibility under the terms of their tenancy agreement.

You will always be informed if the repair you have requested is deemed to be a rechargeable repair and will be asked for payment before the repair work is completed.

Payment of Re-chargeable Repairs 
It may be possible to make an arrangement to pay for any rechargeable repairs in instalments.
You may also be able to recover the cost of some types of rechargeable repairs through your contents insurance, but this is something you would need to speak directly with your insurers.