Use the links below to report something to us.


Report an abandoned vehicle: (opens in new window)Abandoned Vehicle Form
Report a dead animal: (opens in new window)Dead Animal Notification Form
Report a lost or stray dog:Email your complaint
Report dog fouling:Email your complaint
Report a street that needs cleaning: (opens in a new window)Street cleansing request
Report an issue with a public convenience: (opens in a new window)Public Convenience Issue Form
Report a litter  / dog bin problem:Dog / Litter Bin Issue Form
Report an environmental issue:Email your complaint
Report a noise nuisance:Email your complaint
Report light nuisance:Email your complaint
Report a nuisance from a property:Email your complaint
Report anti-social behaviour (opens in a new window)Anti-social Behaviour Report Form

Rubbish & Recycling

Report a missed waste collection: (opens in new window)Missed Waste Collection Form
Report flytipping: (opens in new window)Flytipping Form

Health, Safety & Food Complaints

Report a health and safety issue:Email your complaint
Report a suspected food poisoningEmail your complaint
Make a food complaintEmail your complaint

Housing, buildings & Street Lights

Report a communal housing repair: (opens in new window)
Report a faulty street light: (opens in new window)Footway Lighting Form
Report a dangerous structure:Dangerous Structure Report Form


Compliment, complain, feedback, suggest or to report items not included by the above formsFeedback